Trending Now... Emerging Local Charmers (?)

Secret Spanish gems you should visit on your next escape

Where are the Spanish going on holiday this summer? (?)

Where should you be going for an authentic Spanish fiesta?

Who has the Biggest Crush? (?)

Where are Spain's visitors coming from this summer?

Emerging Global Gems (?)

Be the first of your friends to visit some of the world's up-and-coming summer destinations.

Reykjavik, Iceland

Iceland's capital has it all: think dynamic design, cosy cafes and (literally) endless summer nights.

Varadero, Cuba

Cuba's premier beach resort, Varadero boasts one of the best beaches in the Caribbean.

Fethiye, Turkey

Thanks to a cameo in thriller Skyfall and its status as a yacht haven, Fethiye is on the up.

Alicante, Spain

Long overshadowed by nearby resorts like Benidorm, now is Alicante's time to shine.
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Malacca, Malaysia

Malacca (Melaka) will surprise you: this city is all about riverside strolls, art galleries and colonial architecture.

Cartagena, Colombia

Cartagena bursts with colour and colonial charm that few can resist.

Cancun, Mexico

Is Cancun home to some of the best beaches in the world? Time to go and find out.

Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town boasts a diverse offering of cuisines, cultures and experiences.

Crikvenica, Croatia

If you've already seen Pula and Dubrovnik, then head to Croatia's latest emerging gem this summer.

Torrevieja, Spain

Torrevieja is an up-and-coming resort town in the Costa Blanca - go now before everyone else finds out.

Who takes the longest vacation? (?)

Which nationality will make the most of a long hot summer?


  • Average Stay
  • 11days


  • Average Stay
  • 10days


  • Average Stay
  • 8days


  • Average Stay
  • 8days


  • Average Stay
  • 7days


  • Average Stay
  • 7days


  • Average Stay
  • 6days


  • Average Stay
  • 6days


  • Average Stay
  • 5days


  • Average Stay
  • 5days